Brand Strategy and Concept Development

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I help you get profitable relationships with your customers, make them love your brand, and become your best salespersons. From talking to action.

Apostel has a long and solid experience from large as well as smaller  clients and projects. Our clients have been in the fields of Food & health, Property development & housing, Fashion & trends, Leadership & management, Travel & Tourism, Cultural heritage, Research & education and much, much more…

We can adapt texts from English, but brand strategy and business development are our main fields of competence.

What we offer:

Brand platform workshops

The business model 5V to 5P, makes customers surprisingly satisfied and and employees so proud that they become the company's best sales persons. Mia Ulin is a certified 5V to 5P leader and offers workshops with you and your management team or board members.

Concept development

We help you create the unique concept that gives your business a solid position on the market. It can be a new hotel, a travel destination, a commercial property, a restaurant or a residential neighborhood. A product, a place or a service. 


Brand-building and convincing texts in Swedish from an English original, with the aim of generating response and credibility for digital and printed marketing material. 

Dramaturgy and storytelling

Ideas and scripts for shorter and longer presentations, videos, sales videos and documentaries for the Swedish market.

Apostel's vision

We laugh every day and are proud of what we do. 

We aim to reach out to all companies in the world with 5V to 5P.

Through loving communication we inspire companies all over the world to sustainable entrepreneurship and increased understanding.


Business Model 5V to 5P  – How to make your customers become your best sales persons

Proud employees and proud customers increase profitability. People choose those companies that really care and want to do good for the world, while making money.

All communication, marketing and sales are based on a brand platform.
With the business model 5V to 5P, sustainability is already integrated into the vision and business concept, values, strategies, goals and action plan. 

All with the goal of making both customers and employees so satisfied and proud that they become the company's best sales persons. Mia Ulin is a  certified 5V to 5P leader and offers workshops with you and your management team or board members.

One scientific study after another show that companies with a higher purpose, that work consciously and genuinely in the long term, are more profitable.

Soon, sustainability will be a minimum requirement for existing on the market at all. By linking the company's vision and brand platform to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development from the start, you will get a win-win situation for owners, employees, customers and our planet. You, as a business leader, cannot afford not to.

With the business model 5V to 5P we build the Good Brand for your company. To succeed, you have to make the customer surprisingly satisfied on all levels and review all your customer business contact areas. In ten steps we will integrate sustainability, digitalization, business development and branding in one process, to strengthen competitiveness and make your customers the company's best sales persons.


10 steps of 5V to 5P towards The Good Brand

10 steps of 5V to 5P towards the Good Brand

1. Vision: What is your vision? And how is it linked to the Global Goals?

2. Who: Who are you turning to? Who is the target group. And what needs do they have?

3. Why: Why should customers choose you instead of your competitors? Sales benefits as USP, ESP and SSP!

4. What: What does your company offer to solve customer needs?

5. Values: What is the company's personality and culture?

6. Promoton: The customer sees and hears the company's promises in marketing, PR and sales.

7. Place: The customer experiences the interface where they meet your brand. In the office, in your shop, on the web or with the retailers.

8. Product / service: The customer experiences your products' functionality, quality and design.

9. Price: How we choose a price that adds the right value to the product or service for the target group?

10. People: The customer meets and is in contact with the company's employees and retailers.


Time estimation for every step

Time estimation for every step

1.     Vision. Half day

2.     Who? Half day

3.     Why? Half day

4.     What? Half day

5.     Values. Half day

6.     5P-strategies Half day

7.     An action plan for the next year that will take you to your goals. Half day


What will you invest?

We charge on an ongoing basis per hour or after quotation. The first hour / meeting is free of charge. At project start, we  invoice 10% of the amount. 

Every month, we invoice worked-up time and the rest at final delivery, unless we have agreed otherwise.


Consultation time per hour: SEK 1500 or per assignment on quotation.

1 hour inspirational lecture: SEK 10,000

Half-day workshop, 3-4 hours: SEK 20,000 kr

Full-day workshop, 6-7 hours: SEK 40,000 kr

If you book several workshops or lectures at the same time, you get a discount! Send an E-mail and we will agree on an arrangement!

All prices excluding VAT. Payment by  invoice. Apostle communication is F-tax and VAT registered.